it was only a dream =/

so i had strange dreams last night that i want to vent about. basically, it was at this guy’s house. at first we weren’t sitting by each other. things were awkward and so we just sat on opposite sides of the couch. but then in my dream, he takes my hands and walks me over to where he’s sitting and put his arms around me. it felt so right. it was just a dream, but it felt so right. the comfort. the eyes twinkling. i felt myself smile as i sat there, not realizing this is only a dream. and then we glance into each others’ eyes. and we didn’t kiss, but we didn’t have to. it was all in the way we looked at each other. and we cuddled. hand in hand, in his arms. and i look up at him and im like, “i thought you weren’t good at cuddling?” and he answers, “you bring out the best in me.”

…never had a dream come true…


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