everybody has two sides of their story..

why are you only looking at what’s bad about you? you have a lot to offer. you said it yourself, you have a lot of potential that you haven’t applied yet, that’s fine. you get a clean slate now and another chance to strive your goals. you think that you hurt everyone you care about or that you lose people you were once close with, but you have to remember that in life, people will always hurt you and you will end up hurting others. nobody is perfect. the thing is, the people who care for you have to understand that you can’t always be this perfect person, you’re only human to feel and hurt like anyone else. you’re only human to sin and do something wrong, to be scared, to love, to be confused, to NOT understand life, to feel alone, to be overwhelmed… you’re going to make mistakes in life, you’re going to hurt people, not necessarily intentionally, but it will happen. BUT you’ll also make people happy, and smile, and you will also show that you love and care for people in your life. and with those moments, they will [should] overpower all the negative you have done. you have to remember you’ve done good to others too. and you’ll continue to because i know you have a good heart. and yeah, you’ll lose people in your life. people just become distant, through a dispute, or just by going separate ways. dont blame yourself for losing/drifting off from a friendship, there’s a reason that they didn’t make it to your future, you may not know it yet but just know that you’ll find other people who care for you more. and you’ll find a friendship that makes sense in all ways. everyone has a soul mate; friend and lover. you just haven’t found someone deserving enough for you yet. you’re an amazing and caring person. you’ve got talent, humor, love, and like a already said, an good heart. you’re always going to be your hardest critic, but you cant forget all the good in you. you said it, everybody’s got two sides of the story, you do too.
and don’t imagine that you’re life is going to be okay. dont imagine that things will work out or what not. you have to believe it. and strive for it. yeah, you’ll have times in your life when the pieces of the puzzle just falls together, but other times, you have to make it happen and really make it work. imagining is great. its a start to knowing/figuring out what you want. its where and how ideas are made. imagining gives us hope for more and for the better. dont give up on imagination. but the next step is pursuing and making it happen. find the right support, and build your self motivation…it wont be easy, but work at it and you’ll see how you can do wonders starting with your imagination.


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