possibly lame but happy entry ;]

it’s just the small things that get to me. the little things that make me happy. i live for the little things. the bigger picture is important too, but i believe everything big once started small :]
I was tired today, and a little big agitated, not much, just a tad bit off. i had a lot of things on my mind, made me trip all over myself, getting mad, sad, hopeful, happy..just my emotions were all over the place. and then at school my friends left me, because they could, and at first i was upset, but i sat down outside and just had a one on one with mother nature. I LOVE just being by myself and just looking up to the sky. making pictures with the clouds. just taking in the breeze. counting leaves on a tree. it calmed me. that and then the fact that i found other friends ;] real friends make me happy to. laughing. i believe it’s the best way to burn calories! and it lightens you. makes you happy. makes memories with your friends. happiness that you can share. and as i went to class [late, lol], i felt like a new vibe. and it just stuck with me! i even made a new friend in the class ;] and on the way home, the non-working traffic lights [post-ike lights] annoyed me a little but gave me a chance to just watch the sun set. and then by the time the sun was out of sight, we were on roads with police officers directing traffic so we didn’t have to stop and go stop and go every other two seconds anymore. that made me so happy. i was just like, amazed how by the end of the day, everything fell into place. it just makes me happy! :]


3 thoughts on “possibly lame but happy entry ;]

  1. hey angela!! no, same old xanga!  i’m still trying to get better…but i have homework to do :(i hope you’re doing well, with whatever is bothering you, be strong!  how is everything in…texas? haa you know what’s weird, i have 2 uncles who live there right now. and if you don’t live in texas, then you can ignore my uncle story hahaah

  2. oh and in response to your “tag line”. have you heard that leona lewis song? umm better in time? maybe you got it from that song, maybe not, but it made me think of that song!

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