i dont believe in prince charmings.

I learned to realize [i suppose through what little experience i had] that when a guy sings to you about how he wont let you fall.. it’s bullshit. Any guy who picks you off your feet is in the perfect position to drop you on your ass. not only did he let me fall, >trick me, trip me<, but he even let ME fall FOR him with NO intentions of catching me or even picking me up.
and fall is what i did. and when i knew i was falling, i kept trusting his words. trusting that he wouldn’t let me fall. and i just kept falling. ..what a fool was I? I’m so stupid to wait for a guy to pick me up or catch me. I’ve never done that before. Why would i do it now? why would i trust him like that? He made me think i could let my guard down; i was very wrong. What was i doing? almost like i was acting all helpless waiting for my prince charming or something. i hate those scenarios. i hate when girls act helpless. i hate that i did that. save yourself. don’t wait for a guy to save you.
I dont believe in fairytale prince charmings. i believe in prince charmings, but not the fairytale version of some guy who will be your savior and sweep you off your feet. hmm, i dont really know how the reality prince charming would be, but he’ll help you, not save you. he’ll argue, he’s not going to be some whipped ass mofo who’ll bend over backwards for you. he wont be riding a white horse, more like an economical car. i dont know, i need to think on this one, but im just venting right now before i do my essay at two am. ~_~

So instead of repeating my mistakes or replaying my pain in the past, i just want to restructure my beliefs and rebuild my strength again :] make a choice and not turn back… *fingers crossed*

let’s try someone who..i dont know…wants me too?!
..or just dont aim at all right now </3