open heart vs closed heart

have you ever asked  someone, a friend, someone you care for, “what’s wrong?” and you KNOW something is on their mind, yet they look at you straight in the eye and lie to your face?

i did today. and i wouldnt say that im the person to pry problems out, its their right to talk or not, but i think im the person who would like my close friends to know im there for them, that i worry for them, and that i want to be there for them. I would make myself open and comfortable for them to be able to confront me and talk to me~ …

but for THIS situation, i think i put a hault to it. i think that for specific reasons, even if the person wanted me to be more persistant, even if i was supposed to try harder, if the person never wanted me to back off, for this certain dilemma, i want to back off a little. not entirely. i just wont pry. i will still be a friend til the end, i will always be available as much as possible, i will have an open ear, open, arms and an open heart~ i dont want to have always been there but wan’t there for you, i WILL be there for you. but i cant be persistant. i shouldn’t try harder for you. i think it just gets us [me] into more shit. and plus, you already have someone with a closed heart for you. :]