you change your mind like a girl changes clothes, you pms like a BiTCH, i would know;;

cant sleep, im in too deep,
in the mean time, i’ll calm my mind
by spittin lines and makin rhymes

you got something to say but you wont share
i guess i shouldn’t have expected you to care
that its four o clock in the morning
and i cant sleep you got my anger pouring
dont know what to do but to write some of it out
wish i could go to the middle of nowhere to scream and shout.
maybe im blind, naive, oblivious and dumb..
and maybe i cant see what i have become.
maybe i am lying to myself and dont deserve the smile i put on my face,
i create sadness all around, did wrong, made mistakes i cant erase.
maybe i have failed you as a friend,
but what friend are you if you cant make mends.
rather you just make matters worse,
on the outside you smile but the inside you curse.
you need to stop being fake and be what you say you are [so real]
all this nonsense is being taken too far [for real]

you know damn well i cant sleep wit unresolved shit botherin me like this.
if it is that i cant figure something out…
you probably are thinking: so much for having a brain if i cant think.
but im thinking, so much for having a mouth if you cant talk.
everyone knows im slow and oblivious, what’s your excuse?
yeah yeah. no excuse is a good excuse. BLAH FUCKIN BLAH BLAH.
tired of this high school drama shiet. grow the fuck up misters.

enough for now. damn gotta sleeep somehow.