busy weekend mangg

i’ve got so much on my mind right now that things overlap each other and then i remember new things that keep coming up and putting aside previous important things. i just jotted some stuff in my planner and it’s all mumble jumble right now. but okay;; let’s see..

 stuff i have to do for school- – academic wise:: annotated bibs [complete 25], comps apps hw [wayy behind, need microsoft office 2007 and a dedicated day to only that after i get it], 2 online quizzes for educ [and possibly do my key concept notes for ch 1-5], hopefully have to to catch up in stats> it helps to do the hw..

events going down this weekend;; friday:  menil art museum with swafasa club, saturday: dragonboat event at kim’s church for cancer awareness// date with my vg lover in the am :], dinner with the fambam for my wonderful cousin’s bday :] – – gotta remember to bring cd and laptop for dat to take a look, sunday: october fest// AA collaberation at jon jon’s old church in the am, viet fundraising dinner in the pm

^^ i gotta pencil in laundry and hopefully organizing my desk, making belated cards for sammy, finishing prjkt jukebox record- track 18, AND clearing the air with certain people, getting cards to send to ca lovers’ bdays..etc..i could go on but im getting tired. i just realized it’s almost four. i already stopped studying for the day so why am i still up?

..oh yeah. cuz of other things on my mind -__- i need to prioritize my pollution problem and clear the air soon. its a distraction to school. i really noticed that in stats today. and the fact that i was freaking out about my bibs. mehhhh i’ll write more later. i think its about time i call it a night. fo shizzz


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