lead me to believe in nothing.

im still shocked about what ramona and james did to me. i still cant grasp the idea that she could play me like that. i dont understand how she could say it to my face an go yhe other way. i NEVER suspected them to do anything, i put too much trust in them being friends. going to the bar together at night.. ron made it seem like i set it up for them to hook up. they always said they’d never hurt me like that, im too good of a girl, they were blessed to have me in their life. she even wrote me a love letter saying how im like a sister to her. james said that ever since i happened to him he’s been living a better life. both of them are so ful of bullshit. right after i go on vacation they hook up. i talked to him about it too. i was aware that she comes back from HER vacation the day i leave for MiNE. i just didn’t thnk she would pull i fast one on me. it wouldn’t have been as bad if he had cheated on me with some slut hoe i dont know but the fact that my “best friend” at the time went and stole my boyfriend. a fucking low blow. i just dont have as much faith anymore in relationships. im fine. im not depressed or anything anymore but once in a while it still gets to me. i hate when people say i can find someone better. i know i can. it’s the fact that my best friend and boyfriend got together that hurts me. it’s the situation. not the boy. it’s the fact that i let myself believe to easily in a friendship. and i let myself go somewhere with a realationship i knew was not going to work. i need higher standards and i need to not let myself fall like that again. i can’t trust people too easily.
when will all this chaos and heartache end? =/


3 thoughts on “lead me to believe in nothing.

  1. Angela! I DON’T EVER wanna hear you say that it’s your fault because you trust people too easily and all that. It’s not that. It’s them, they’re bad friends, and we always say we should’ve seen it come, but hindsight is 20/20. Because we never can; or everyone and yourself are too caught up in everything and can’t see it either. The fact that they were able to do that, despite you being one of the nicest people ever, shows their true colors. It wouldn’t have mattered if you weren’t too trusting or not. Trust me, people don’t like psycho girls that are always on the lookout for trouble either. It’s like a catch-22. You just have to believe in people, and when they hurt you, realize it’s not the end of the world. And one day, you’ll just wake up and realize you’re done with that person and you’ll have moved on. It happens to the best of us.LOVE YOU! 🙂

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