I feel like as Americans, we really take for granted our freedom. I definitely believe in freedom for all but sometimes we forget that the whole world is not free. Two American journalists, Euna Lee and Laura Ling, were held captive for passing North Korea soil on accident. They were sentenced TWELVE [12] years of hard labor there for an accident they had done. It really strikes me how people can be so hard headed for power and unforgiving. I couldn’t imagine myself in that position, away from my home, everything I’m used to, held in a foreign country for a mistake, leaving my family, with no love there, no mercy.
That is why I just want to write this little note; I like to believe that as Americans, we [should] take care of one another. We [should] forgive each other and live our freedom rightfully. Good job, Bill Clinton for flying to Pyongyang and FREEING Euna Lee and Laura Ling. I do hope that people can look at this event and open eyes and improve communication with United States and North Korea.


2 thoughts on “FREEDOM.

  1. TIME FOR A DEBATE!!! XDOn the contrary, Americans are not free. We may have more freedom than what most countries may have, but it is all a charade to cover what Americans really live in. In the world of politcs, there are no communications between one another, there is just image. The image of what they stand for, but not who they are. The image of what people want, but not what they get. The image of what they need, but sadly, they do not have. As for freeing the journalists, they will get something in exchange; maybe it might be beneficial for us or it might be for them. As we live in times of alchemy, nothing is gained or lost, there is always an exchange.

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