yay area love.

my heart will always belong in the bay. i dont rep it hardcore and im not gangsta or anything, but it belongs in my heart through how i grew up and learned to love. it’s my childhood, it’s my memories, it’s how i became who i am today. It’s the moments walking on the streets of Hollenbeck with my sisters to and from school that i found myself, where i learned to take care of my sisters. where i went from “walk five steps behind me” to “let’s walk side by side”. it’s where i ran to the park when i needed to vent, i needed to escape from the chaos at home, it’s what connected me to all my friends and sanity. it’s where i met my first official boyfriend. it’s where broke rules and rebelled for the first time and snuck back into the apartments at night.

It’s where the beaches are cold but together we all run in holding hands anyway. I loved taking walks at the beach. with the sunsetting and the breeze blowing my hair. where’s it’s just chilly enough to snuggle or steal that special guy’s sweater. where the fried oreos and twinkies are sold and salt water taffy is amazing enough to be on food network channel. where at night, we have bonfires and toast marshmallows and make smores for my birthday..

Where the hills and mountains leave you breathless. captivating us with the true beauties of nature’s wonders. and inspire us to reach to the top and it will be worth it a thousand times over. where i never felt so accomplished for every step up i took.
i miss it all.


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