– – a poem i wrote for my mom in 2000. in times like these, i want to rededicate this to her, to the world, that my mom is amazing. i may complain about her sometimes, and she is a handful to deal with, but she growing stronger, in her faith, in her actions, in her life, in her independence. Things are so tough and chaotic right now; I just want to be here for her right now through this step in her life, like I have and always will. ❤

God bless you always,
to have lived a life this long,
He made it certain and clear
That this is where you belong.

God bless you always,
With three radiant girls,
Whom you taught since birth,
How to see the world.

God bless you always,
You know that He will.
As long as you stay faithful
He’ll stay with you still. 
– written AUG.2000 ❤