car accident

yesterday was casey’s birthday. We were on our way to have fun, to meet up with his cousins and brother at dave and buster. we were almost there and then we noticed the car was making weird noises. at first he thought it was the front bumper because the flood had damaged it a little bit, but the noise was coming from the back. we pulled over and i noticed that he had a FLAT TIRE. so we changed his flat, on the side of 59 (near an exit though) under the HOT houston sun. a tow trucked actually pulled over and helped us, but he didn’t do much. still it was nice that he stayed the whole time and casey tipped $5. so then we finished changing to the spare tire and we thought that would be our only set back on the way to dave and busters. … about FIVE minutes later, we got off the freeway (chiminey rock and the feeter of 59), we were at a red light but in the wrong lane. we were in a turning lane when we needed to go straight. so we notified the lady beside us if we can go in front of her when the light turns green and she nodded. the light turns green and the road in front of us was CLEAR. so we start getting in front of the lady’s car and my window was open and he was driving slow because i wanted to do the THANK YOU hand signal to the lady.. he’s driving slow and as a turn back to the front the both of us see this black nissan altima come rushing out of NO WHERE. i was so scared, i didn’t know what to do.. if casey hadn’t  stepped on the brakes fast enough, that nissan would have gone directly into ME first. i was freaking out, i dont think i was breathing.. and then turns out we hit that nissan instead but the car still kept going for a bit and somehow, no idea how, our car goes straight into a pole, all the way into a pole, and air bags flew out. it was a little smokey and i heard the glass from his lights in front shatter and his whole front was gone… i checked my body and casey for blood shed or anything and we were fine.. we got out of the car and i saw the whole car from an outside view and of course, knowing me.. i started crying. and we had two witnesses actually stay with us until the ambulance and police come. they were reallly nice. i sat in one man’s truck while i was crying and he was telling us that nothing was our fault, we had a green, we’re fine, no bleeding, cops are on their way. i saw the guy who was in the altima come out, he was HUGE. i thought he was like 24, turns out he was only 16 years old. he witness asked him, in a nonjudgmental way if he saw the red light and if he was okay.. apparently he said his neck hurts a little and he had to go to the hospital because he was a minor. i was crying so much that the ambulance told me to sit in the truck and calm down. i started hyperventilating and they were trying to get me to breath slower. i needed to blow my nose and asked for tissue, the guy gave me gauze… i looked at it like wtf… but still took it. lol then i noticed my finger was bruised and my knees hurt. my finger was dark purple and my knees were red.. the ambulance asked if i needed to go with them but i didn’t want to. when casey’s aunt and mom came, they wanted to go with them but they took the boy instead and i didn’t want to call another ambulance. before i got into the ambulance, i had called casey’s cousin and told him we got into an accident and his cousins and brother headed over right away to help us. we took pictures of the accident and took stuff out of the car cuz it was being towed. we got the other guy’s information and finally got all the paperwork done. the cops were not nice about this at all.. they weren’t mean.. but they were demanding and impatient. must have been the sun but seriously… we’re all under the sun.. it’s their duty to help us through this situation not make it a strain for us.
i finally stopped crying and we still headed to dave and busters to “relax” and just eat. my head started hurting and my legs hurt more.. and my arms were sore.. but not all the time.. it came and went. later towards the night is when my back and neck starting hurting, mostly my neck.. but it wasn’t a BAD ACHE, i dealt with it. we got to dnb and they still wanted to take us to the hospital to get checked up so we shouldn’t drink in case they did blood work. EVERYBODY ELSE drank except us, on HIS birthday, and so we ended up playing games and calling to report the accident while they played games. it started getting late and then we end up NOT going to the hospital that not so he could have drank but didn’t. but oh well i guess. and on my way home, my chest started hurting when i touched it and if i breath hard. but other than that, im just thankful that nobody got hurt. accidents like these could have been a lot worse. if casey had gone a lil further, i would have been the direct hit. or if the 16 yr old boy had gone a little more in, he would have been a direct it. thank God.


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