it really urks me that there is so much judgement in this world. I thought that as we grow older, and as the generations continue, more people would be educated and more people would be accepted. I guess many people really do believe that ignorance is bliss, but i believe truth and knowledge is power and I also believe that God is the only one who can judge. God knows our heart and the love we have and being prejudice isn’t showing love. All the racism, agism, sexism, homophobic, all of that is just a form of hate. I understand that sometimes it comes natural instinct to profile a person, but i try not to act on it ever. I get just as scared at night, if there is an unfamiliar asian person creeping up behind me as a black guy. and gay people are some of the most loving people i know. When did it become anyone else’s business who a person can love or not. love is love. dont fight it. it’s the most beautiful thing. I understand that the bible mentions man and woman, but times have changed some. I’ve learned to accept it. I’ve learned to embrace all the differences in this world and to make them all work. When my students ask me what my favorite color is, i tell them EVERYTHING. too much of one color is this world is overwhelming. but with all the different shades, different colors, different kinds of people, and for all of us to make it work under the same sky, that’s beauty. that’s something God can look down on and be proud for. that’s the love he gave us, and that’s the love he wants us to show back.


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