it bothers me so much when people look down on people with special needs. when people cast them to the side like they are worthless or a burden. like they can’t improve the world in anyway. In classrooms, teachers say it’s too much to try to work with them and able bodied children and leave the ones with special needs in the corner. Their special needs teacher will help them later. Or friends and family who play and communicate to the “normal” kids but when it comes to the autistic one, they just walk around them like they cant even see you. these people, with eyes and ears and a heart just like ours, they see you even if you dont say hi. They know you’re there, even if they don’t acknowledge you. People think that just because they’re autistic, they are nonverbal, that they can’t be of much value to this world. WRONG. these kids, that i’ve seen, that i’ve personally worked with, have given me more than any “normal” child can give me. my autistic angels are nowhere near a burden. they are the opposite. they have given me love and taught me a stronger love, has built my patience more than i thought I’d be able to tolerate, taught me to communicate not just with my mouth or my body, with my my mind and my heart. It might not be as likely that they will grow up to be doctors and cure cancer, but they have great value. They give love. giving love to just one other person, has made a difference in this world, and that is worth something. 

we are all different in some ways and the same in some ways. people with special needs are different in some ways and the same in some ways, but they are not less than anyone else. 


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