reminder to self: mommy is getting older :(

I finally got a little bit of free time to update in my wordpress with how life is.. honestly, it’s been a little depressing! Within the past three weeks, there has been three deaths. Granted none of these deaths were very close to me but I just thought that just being invited to two funerals week after another was very scary.

Also, my mom’s thigh has been hurting a lot lately and I noticed that all my aunts have been mentioning how their bodies are hurting. I hate to think about it but the reality of it is that they are getting older, faster. I always knew they were getting older, but I didn’t think it would reach a noticeable moment so soon to the point where she makes an effort NOT to go up the stairs anymore. I’ve been stressed out with midterms, and I had been PMS-ing along with being depressed because of the recents deaths,.. and then I realized that I have been neglecting my mom. I’ve been just living MY life, that I haven’t really been even acknowledging her! Back then, I used to have more time for my mom and have “Mommy Mondays” and go on random dates with her but I haven’t done that in so long. This week, I want to do something sweet for her again. I need to prioritize my life again and make sure that I make time for her. It just worries me how all the aunts are starting to accept that they are aging… Im not ready yet. I still want to go on walks in the park with her and the dogs, I still want to take her out on picnics and to the beach.

Although death and racing with time is scary, it’s inevitable and we just have to be aware of it and run with it. Make the best of it.


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