prince charming

I asked him if he like doing cute things. like romantic things. like things that I like to do for him. and his response was, “you can’t make a prince charming out of me”. That just struck me like… i wasn’t really trying to. I mean, i was hoping for maybe just a knight in semi-shining armor but i’m not trying to change him or anything. BUT, i still wasn’t thrilled with his response. I just wondered, wouldn’t he WANT to TRYYYY to be my prince charming? I know i’ve asked him before if he’s ever wanted to sweep a girl off her feet (even though i am very well aware that that is the perfect position for the girl to fall flat on her ass..) and he responded that he probably would… i just don’t know. I’m a romantic. I’m not a flaunt-love-kinda-girl, i don’t need to always post shit and have WCW all the time or whatever, but i also think that in a relationship, we would want to share certain things about the person we’re dating. and be proud of certain things. we would want to put effort into making the other person happy. I feel like he always thinks that I try to hard and things will just happen as they should. I agree that things should just happen naturally as they should, but I don’t try too hard for anything. My feelings are sincerely when i have a huge smile on my face when i see him. i naturally just want to hug him every time i see him, all my efforts are things that i want to do. i want to make him feel special. i want to fill him up with love. .. but sometimes, I don’t feel like the feeling is mutual.


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