so he ended things.. again

I don’t know how many times he ended things with me but this time…. i either hope it’s for real or that… he runs back into my arms and is seriously committed this time. For now, i’m going to think the worst.. or i wouldn’t say the worst, it’s a blessing in disguise for my future.. if anything. I want to write about what i want in this post. To remind myself not to settle. To remind myself what I deserve. I want a man who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable with me. Who will try new things. jump out of his comfort zone for me. Who will want to claim me as their girlfriend. someone who won’t be so stubborn for little cute things. I like a man who is stubborn for his morals but i do not understand why he has to be stubborn about making us official, or stubborn about not ever buying me flowers or just do something cute and out of the ordinary. show me that he had been thinking about me. I know that here and there he had been showing minimal effort. He brought me some carrot cake once. it was super sweet of him. he said that i always brought things over so he thought he should. That was very sweet of him. And the other day when he went to whole foods to buy pizza, he brought me a piece of chocolate as well. That was nice. But these are very rare occasions that occurred over the past six months. I guess for me, I’m looking at how long its been and how much our relationship has grown. In what aspects our relationship has grown. Christina even told diana that its been six months, he should be in love with me by now. I DO NOT agree but I do feel that he should know whether or not he wants to make this official or not. He should know if he wants to commit to me or not. And I guess he doesn’t. He broke up with me while i was having a PMS break down. I’ve been super sad because I miss Pegasus and I’m about to be on my dot and yeah.. i broke down. I wanted flowers and I made sure he knew. A little too much. I was being a little pushy


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